The dosage of Pentakeep

Pentakeep can be used by rhizosphere or foliar. Pentagrow BV  prefers rhizosphere, because it's more secure.


The recommended dosage of Pentakeep is 0,5 L (635 gram)/per week/per ha. Depending on the crop mode, season and cultivation, the frequency van be adapted.

The dosage of Pentakeep must be optimal, because it's once offered to the plant. For the best results it's important to know how long it takes before Pentakeep reach the plant. Red iron is an easy test to find out. Put some cups spread in the glasshouse, and check after each watergift. When the water colours red, you know how many gifts it takes to reach the plant. When Pentakeep has reached the plant, you take some pause to absorp.
The venturi system is the best to dose Pentakeep. You can offer each section the right dosage and know exactly what you're doing.

Pentakeep must be dosed in the morning, because the plant is more active and the absorption is best.
When Pentakeep reach the roots, it's important to take some time for absorption. Average time is 2 hours, depending on the weather. It's wise to delay drain for a couple of hours, to prevent leaching.
Recycling is a dilution or even break down when there is dirt in the system. This makes further absorption and effects minimal. Therefrom Pentagrow recommends an optimal first dosage of Pentakeep.

5-Aminolevulinic acid is an organic matter which breaks down some % a day. After 10 days Pentakeep is out of the system. For that reason, never prepare Pentakeep for a bigger fertilizer tank (A/B). Prepare Pentakeep for the day of dosage and use immediately.

By the use of Pentakeep, the photosynthesis will increase, also the absorption of water and fertilizers. Adjust watergift and fertilizing. Generally the plant takes 10-30% more water and fertilzers than untreated.


The advice dosage of Pentakeep by foliar is 0,5 L/per ha/per week.
The spray concentration is 50 ml/100L water. Mix with chemical pesticides is possible, provided that the PH stays under 7.

It's important to spray the leaves as wet as possible, in particular the underside to reach the leave mouths. After that, give the plant some time for absorption.

General conditions of use

  • Always use the correct proportions
  • Use the solution direct after prepare. Never leave solution to use later
  • Do not use in combination with basic pesticides  and sulfur containing fabrics
  • In the mix with other pesticides, first prepare spray liquid with the pestcide(s) and add Pentakeep at last
  • PH value output water must be under 8
  • The recommended concentration and injuction volumes are general guidelines. The effects of Pentakeep are depending on species, variety, stage, weather conditions, climate conditions and cultivation methods.
  • By questions how to use, always contact one of our advisers.


  • Avoid contact with skin and eyes. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice. In case of contact with skin, take off immediately all contaminated clothing and rinse well.
  • If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately and show the container or label.
  • Always repace the container cap after use in order to prevent degradation.
  • Store out of direct sunlight and above 0°C and below 30°C.
  • Keep out of reach of children.

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