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Pentagrow Woundpaste is a wound cover treatment. It's mainly used in tomato cultivation for the cover of wounds, caused by botrytus sports. The paste takes care of drying wounds and traces of fungi can't invade the plant. The woundpaste is made of finely clay where, among other active substances, silicon is added.

The paste is available in handy brush bottles of 250 ml and buckets of 10 liter. For the buckets are also pumps available, to refill the 250 ml bottles.

Frequently asked questions about Pentakeep

  • What makes Pentakeep unique relative to other products?
    Pentakeep is the only product on the market, which contains 5-aminolevulinic acid. Pentakeep has a worldwide patent. There are many products with amino acids on the market, but these acids are based on proteins. 5-Aminolevulinic acid is original owned in the plant, human and animals, which can only be devolped by good fermentation. It's not possible there are other products with the same active ingredient as Pentakeep.
  • When can we expect results?
    Average you can expect visible results at 6 -8 weeks. The metabolism, where the whole process takes place, first increased. After then the results are noticeable. It's important to dose on the right way for the best results. The operation of Pentakeep depends largely on the correct dosage and absorption for the plant.
  • How much time does it takes for the plant fully absorp Pentakeep?
    Research has shown that the plant needs 2 hours to fully absorp Pentakeep. If the weather permits, this is the best time for absorption. Make sure to delay drain as long as possible.
  • Is there any risc for damage on the crop or the system when you dose Pentakeep?
    5-Aminolevulinic acid is an original, organic molecule. Damage on the crop and system can be excluded. Always keep the right dosage, too high dosage can make the plant too generative. You can use a higher concentration to turn the production in more pieces instead of kilo's. Always discuss with one of our advisors at first.

    By foliar use, burning is possible when you add Pentakeep pure. Always mix with water, 50 ml/100 L water.

    Constipation in the system can be excluded. Pentakeep won't attach in the system. It's important to know, that the dirtier the pipes, the faster Pentakeep can be degraded out of the system. Keep this in mind during dosing. Make sure Pentakeep is as soon as possible receivable for the plant.
  • How to use Pentakeep?
    Click here how to use Pentakeep. For specific or other questions, please contact one of our advisors.
  • Why is Pentakeep so expensive?
    5-Aminolevulinic acid is a specific molecule with an important role in the metabolism of the plant. Only the right handeling can make the right fermentation of this molecule. Fermentation and development takes 2 months, only in small amounts to prevent degradation. Continuous research guarantee a optimum efficiency. The package is specially developed, to keep oxygen and sunlight out of the packaging, so Pentakeep has none expiration date. 
  • Are there periods you don't need Pentakeep?
    Trials has proven that the optimal effect of Pentakeep can be achieved in a year round use. This can be explained that Pentakeep needs some time to increase and activate the metabolism. After this more and more effects will be noticeable. When you stop dosing Pentakeep for a while, the metabolism will return to the earlier level. When you start the use  of Pentakeep after this stop, the metabolism process has to start again.

    During the summer months, Pentakeep also have effect. The pepper trial of PPO was during the summer months, and 8% more production was proven. The plant is also better resist against heat and stress.
  • What is the role of Cosmo Oil and Seiwa?
    Pentagrow BV is the European dealer of Seiwa. Cosmo Oil is the produces of Pentakeep. It's similar to the Dutch Shell. Cosmo Oil has his own laboratories for extensive research. They developed 5 -Aminolevulinc acid for sustainable use. They do continious research for the pharmaceutical sectoer, because 5 - Aminolevulinic acid can be used for multiple purposes. Cosmo Oil has a worldwide patent on 5 - Aminolevulinic acid, so copying is impossible. Pentagrow BV can guarentee that Pentakeep is the only product on the market which contains 5-Aminolevulinic acid.
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