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Pentagrow BV is the exclusive dealer of Pentakeep in Europa. Pentakeep is an unique fertilizer and the only product in the world which contains 5-Aminolevulinic acid.

If you want a maximum production and the best quality, with less use of chemicals, support your plant with Pentakeep. The plant is stronger and more vital during his cultivation.

Pentakeep promotes the photosynthesis:

  • Dry matter increase.
  • Crop better resist against extreme conditions in greenhouse climates.
  • Better resist against fungi like botrytis and mildew.
  • Increase of quality.
  • Better absorption of fertilizers, water and CO2.
  • An energetic plant.

Dosage of  Pentakeep results in a higher yield. The investment is  just  1 eurocent/per meter/per week.

Pentakeep promotes the photosynthesis

Pentakeep promotes the photosynthesis:

Pentakeep is the only product in the world which contains 5-Aminolevulinic acid  (5-ALA).  It promotes the photosynthesis, more production of dry matter and stimulates the growth of plants and flowers.

Pentakeep is a liquid fertilizer which contains 5-Aminolevulinic acid. This amino acid promotes the photosynthesis.  5- ALA is an important amino acid for the plant; it plays an important role in the formation of chlorophyll. The mix fertilizer Pentakeep contains nitrogen, manganese and trace elements. It's proved that this supplements in combination with 5-ALA creates an amplifying effect on the growth of plants.

More dry matter

5-Aminolevulinic acid is present in every living organism. By extra addition to the plant, the photosynthesis and the production of sugars and dry matter increases.  This is comparable with the formula sunlight + CO2 = sugar and oxygen. It's known extra CO2 under light conditions increase the production and the proces is able to continue longer. A lack of CO2 can stop this reaction, but with Pentakeep there is enough CO2 to use.

Less diseases

Addition of Pentakeep gives more and a better production and increases the quality.  By the production of extra dry matter, the crop is stronger and more vital. The plant is more energetic and better resist against diseases and illness. 

5-Amino levulinic acid (5-ALA)

5-Aminolevulinic acid (5-ALA) is a molecule which naturally accur in plants. 5-ALA is the base of life for human, plants and animals. 5-ALA is present in the plant, but in a small amount. The production of this molecule is limited to the rate of metabolism. When you dose Pentakeep, the metabolism accelerate. The transposing of single and multiple sugars, in the chloroplasts and mitochondria, continuous and there is no delay, which normally cost a lot of energy.

5-Aminolevulinic acid is essential for the production of chlorophyll in the plant. An increase of sugar increases the absorption of fertilizers. Less burn of sugars in the night and less tolerance of salt absorption in the ground. The stress tolerance increases. The plant is better resist against extreme circumstances like temperature variations and a lack of light.

The plant is also more energetic, can manage more than an untreated plant and is easier to bend to the desired results. 

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